2015 Healthcare Information Security Today Survey

Update on the Continuing Efforts to Protect Patient Data

Healthcare organizations must comply with federal HIPAA regulations to protect patient data. But the ever-changing threat landscape requires more robust security risk management programs that can defend against the unknown. So how are healthcare entities doing with their regulatory compliance, and beyond that, their efforts to strengthen overall security and privacy of health data, including preventing and detecting breaches?

We conducted our fourth annual Healthcare Information Security Today survey to find out.

The 2015 survey sheds light on seven hot topics:

  • Top Threats: Today's Worries and What's on the Horizon
  • Breach Trend Analysis: Concerns About Business Associates
  • Compliance Efforts: Reality Check Needed
  • Mitigating Risks: Still A Long Way to Go
  • Governance: Choosing a Framework
  • Top Priorities and Budget Trends
  • Staffing: Role of CISO, Skills Sought

For instance, our survey found that nearly 80 percent of survey respondents were confident or very confident their organization would "pass" the scrutiny of a Department of Health and Human Services random HIPAA compliance audit with only minimal issues noted.

How confident is your organization that it would "pass" an HHS Office for Civil Rights HIPAA compliance audit with only minimal non-compliance issues noted?

But are these organizations really making all the right compliance moves, let alone implementing more robust security risk management practices and technology?

Survey Results Webinar

Healthcare Information Security Today: 2015 Survey Results and Analysis

A free webinar presents an overview of the survey's top findings and includes a panel discussion featuring analysis by three experts: Geoffrey Bibby, vice president of corporate marketing, ZixCorp; Michael Bruemmer, vice president of Experian Data Breach Resolution; and Scott McLeod, director of product marketing, Caradigm.

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