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7 Components for Cybersecurity Readiness

Potomac's Hathaway on How to Build Resilient Cyber Defense
7 Components for Cybersecurity Readiness
Melissa Hathaway, Potomac Institute

U.S.-based Melissa Hathaway, a senior fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy, has developed a cyber readiness index, compiled with information drawn from 125 countries to help enterprises in evolving a resilient cybersecurity model. She believes Prime Minister Modi's Digital India program should leverage the seven key security components of the index to establish a cyber-secure ecosystem in the country.

"Digital India should define security strategy in economic terms to be able to build an effective cybersecurity model to combat threats," Hathaway says

The most critical aspect to prepare enterprises to tackle cyber-threats is to establish an information sharing platform for all the critical sectors vulnerable to attacks. "There is a need to ensure every sector has minimal exposure to threats, and information sharing would help practitioners in detecting threats and find ways to mitigate them," she says.

Another aspect of building an effective response model is through private public partnership across states, she recommends.

In this interview with Information Security Media Group, Hathaway sees the need for the government to invest in R&D to bridge the knowledge gap and bring out new products with built-in security. She believes it is critical to:

  • Build a national strategy with a designated person across all critical sectors to identify the problem;
  • Establish a cybercrime treaty to clean up infrastructure from botnets;
  • Build cyber capacity of professionals.

Hathaway is an American private-sector cybersecurity expert best known for her work as the Director of the Joint Interagency Cyber Task Force at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence during the George W. Bush administration, and for her six-month role at the National Security Council under the Barack Obama administration.


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