Prajeet Nair

Prajeet Nair

Assistant Editor, Global News Desk, ISMG

Nair previously worked at TechCircle, IDG, Times Group and other publications, where he reported on developments in enterprise technology, digital transformation and other issues.

Breach Roundup: Zeus Banking Trojan Leader Pleads Guilty

Prajeet Nair  •  February 15, 2024

Ivanti Uses End-of-Life Operating Systems, Software Packages

Prajeet Nair  •  February 15, 2024

Account Takeover Campaign Hits Execs in Microsoft Azure

Prajeet Nair  •  February 12, 2024

Internet-Exposed Water PLCs Are Easy Targets for Iran

Prajeet Nair  •  February 9, 2024

JetBrains Patches Authentication Bypass Flaw in TeamCity

Prajeet Nair  •  February 7, 2024

New Banking Trojan Exploits Patched Windows SmartScreen Flaw

Prajeet Nair  •  February 6, 2024

AnyDesk Confirms Systems Hacked, Triggers Password Reset

Prajeet Nair  •  February 4, 2024

FritzFrog Botnet Exploits Log4Shell

Prajeet Nair  •  February 2, 2024

Florida Teen Faces Federal Charges in $800,000 Crypto Theft

Prajeet Nair  •  January 31, 2024

FBI and DOJ Disrupt Chinese Hacking Operation

Prajeet Nair  •  January 30, 2024

Critical PixieFail Flaws Threaten UEFI Firmware

Prajeet Nair  •  January 29, 2024

Fortra GoAnywhere MFT Flaw Grants Admin Access to Anyone

Prajeet Nair , David Perera  •  January 24, 2024

Hackers Used SIM Swapping to Breach US SEC X Account

Prajeet Nair  •  January 23, 2024

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