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New Legislation Eyes Both Ransom, Incident Reporting
2021 Cyber Threats, Trends & Mitigation Techniques for Enterprise
Anonymous Leaks Epik Data - Again
California Extends Telehealth Privacy, Security Waivers
CISA Launches Insider Threat Self-Assessment Tool
Neiman Marcus Says 4.6 Million Affected by Data Breach
Fraud Transformation: Balancing Business and Customer Needs
ISMG Editors’ Panel: Protecting Active Directory from Ransomware Attacks
Singapore's 2021 Strategy: Secure Critical Infrastructure
Lawsuit: Hospital's Ransomware Attack Led to Baby's Death
US Agencies Awarded $311 Million in Cybersecurity, IT Funds
President Biden Touts Cybersecurity Efforts
Hackers Impersonate Amnesty International to Spread Malware
Ukraine Busts 2 Suspects Tied to Major Ransomware Group
Profiles in Leadership: Peter Van Lierde
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Suffer Widespread Outage
Ex-Army Contractor Sentenced to 12 Years for Fraud
Cyberattacks Disable IT Networks at 2 Indiana Hospitals
New File-Locking Malware With No Known Decryptor Found
How Ransomware Attackers Hit Virtual Machine Hypervisors
Apache Airflow Leak Exposes 'Thousands' of Credentials
FDA: How to Inform Patients About Medical Device Cyber Flaws
Top US Cyber Officials Say Ransomware Is Here to Stay
Anonymous Leaks Data from Texas GOP
Medtronic Insulin Pump Devices Recalled Due to Serious Risks
Text Messaging Routing Firm Syniverse Reveals 5-Year Breach
Understanding the Real Threat of Ransomware
Apache Fixes Zero-Day Flaw Exploited in the Wild
Video Game Streamer 'Twitch' Confirms Massive Data Breach
Patient Safety Concerns Grow Over Medical Gear Security
LANtenna Attacks Exploit Air-Gapped Networks Via Ethernet
New Bill Would Require Ransom Disclosure Within 48 Hours
Profiles in Leadership: John O'Driscoll
Breach of Syniverse Reveals Yet Another Supply Chain Attack
The Anatomy of the Codecov Breach: A CyberArk Labs Webinar
HHS Warns Healthcare Sector About LockBit 2.0 Threats
US DOJ to Fine Contractors for Failure to Report Incidents
Silicon Valley VC Firm Leaked 'Deal Flow' Data
Apache Issues Another Emergency Patch for Exploited Flaws
ISMG Editors’ Panel: First Fatality Linked to Ransomware?
Analyzing the Results of the 2021 Cybersecurity Complexity Study, EU & UK
Data Breach Reports Rise as Supply Chain Attacks Surge
Ransomware Exposed: Key Learnings from Examining 3.5 Million Samples
Netherlands Says Armed Forces May Combat Ransomware Attacks
Efforts to Incentivize Healthcare Sector Cyber Investments
Nobelium Makes Russia Leader in Cyberattacks
Implementing an Identity Security Program
How to Mitigate Socially Engineered Attacks
Google Says Russian APT Targeting Journalists, Politicians
Profiles in Leadership: Mustapha Kebbeh
Ransomware Attack Hits Engineering Giant Weir Group
Using 'Zero Trust' to Secure Your Identities
Profiles in Leadership: Dr. Frances Undelikwo
Trend Micro: Linux Malware Targets Huawei Cloud
New Cybersecurity Guidelines for Indian Power Sector
Democratic Lawmakers Urge Agencies to Act on Ransomware
FIN12 Ransomware Attacks Aggressively Targeting Healthcare
Applying Zero Trust Architecture in Energy, Military Sectors
Ransomware: No Decline in Victims Posted to Data Leak Sites
OnDemand Webinar | For Retail : Preventing Application Fraud while Removing User Friction
OnDemand Webinar | Fraud ROI for Ecommerce: Drive More Revenue with Fewer False Positives
UK Cybersecurity Agency Releases New BYOD Guidance
CISA to Access Agencies' Endpoints, Help Enhance Security
Former Executive Accessed PHI of Nearly 38,000 Individuals
Microsoft Says It Mitigated Largest-Ever DDoS Attack
3 Men Charged by US DOJ With Laundering BEC Proceeds
Dutch Cyber Cops Tell Stresser/Booter Customers: Cut It Out
Fertility Testing Lab Says Ransomware Breach Affects 350,000
Thingiverse Data Leak Affects 228,000 Subscribers
US Convenes Global Ransomware Summit Without Russia
Australia Plans Ransomware Attack Reporting Requirement
Flaws In GitHub Actions Bypass Code Review Mechanism
MITRE Launches Centers to Protect Infrastructure and Health
Osteopathic Professional Group Reports Year-Old Breach
House Lawmakers Announce Bill Targeting Tech Algorithms
Missouri Refers Coordinated Bug Disclosure to Prosecutors
BlackByte: Free Decryptor Released for Ransomware Strain
ISMG Editors' Panel: Are Our Systems Too Complex to Secure?
Ransomware Attack on Israeli Medical Center Raises Alarm
US Agencies to Water Facilities: You May Be Next Target
5 Reasons to Ditch Passwords & Make Your Employees (and IT) Happier
Analyzing the 2021 Faces of Fraud Survey
Treasury Department Tells Companies to Comply With Sanctions
MirrorBlast Campaign Targets Finance Sector Using Macros
Thingiverse Breach: 50,000 3D Printers Faced Hijacking Risk
Twitter Suspends North Korean Threat Actor Accounts
Accenture: Ransomware Attack Breached Proprietary Data
Sinclair TV Stations Targeted in Weekend Ransomware Attack
Acer Taiwan and India Hit in 2nd and 3rd Attacks of 2021
Analysis: Top Ransomware Gangs Targeting Healthcare Sector
Evaluating and Reducing Supply Chain Risk
Profiles in Leadership: Wouter Veugelen
Positive Security: Inspiring Behavioral Change at Workplace
Preparing for Ransomware Attacks in the Education Sector
New Business Model: White Labeling of Ransomware
More Attempted Cyberattacks on Israeli Healthcare Entities
Bugs in Malware Serve as Backdoor to Undo Damage
New York Tells 2 Cryptocurrency Firms to Cease and Desist
Why Reporting Security Bugs Can Be Fraught With Tension
TeamTNT Deploys Malicious Docker Image on Docker Hub
CISA Leader Backs 24-Hour Timeline for Incident Reporting
Hacker Claims Details of 45 Million Argentinians Stolen
Hacker in UPMC Data Theft, Fraud Case Gets Maximum Sentences
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Challenges in Cybersecurity
4 Bulletproof Hosting Provider Admins Getting Sentenced
Ransomware: Average Ransom Payment Stays Steady at $140,000
Lyceum Group Targets Two Tunisia-Based Entities
Dental Alliance Reports Vendor Breach Affecting 170,000
US Cracks Down on Sale of Offensive Cybersecurity Tools
House Passes Bills on Both Supply Chain, Telecom Security
Spotting Credit Card Fraud in the Airline Industry
REvil Revelations: Law Enforcement Behind Disruptions
ISMG Editors’ Panel: Regulators Get Tough on Crypto Firms?
Forrester Report: Key Questions to Ask XDR Vendors
Malicious Packages Disguised as JavaScript Libraries Found
FIN7 Sets Up Fake Pentesting Company Site to Recruit Talent
New Bill Would Secure Government Contractors' Use of AI
DarkSide Transfers $7 Million Worth of Bitcoin
CoinMarketCap: No Breach Despite 3.1M Email Address Leak
Groove Operators Reportedly Ask Peers to Attack US
UK's Tesco Supermarket App and Website Disrupted
Report: SolarWinds Hackers Targeting IT Supply Chain
Defending Against Open-Source Supply Chain Attacks
The Need for Systems Thinking in Cybersecurity
US DOJ: Global Darknet Sting Nabs 150 Suspects
REvil's Cybercrime Reputation in Tatters - Will It Reboot?
Cyberattack Reportedly Cripples Iran Gas Stations
Voipfone DDoS Attacks Raise Specter of Protection Racket
Vendor Partner Responsible for Fullerton Health Data Breach
US State Department to Create Dedicated Cyber Office
Insider Threat: A Guide to Detecting the Enemy Within
Cybercriminals Target Newbie Bad Actors With Phishing Sites
Lazarus Adds Supply Chain Attack to List of Capabilities
Washington Secretary of State to Head Election Security
PHI 'May Have Been Removed' in Vendor's Ransomware Attack
Hackers Claim 400GB of Data Stolen From Thai Hotel Chain
NRA Reportedly Hit By Russia-Linked Ransomware Attack
Microsoft Launches Cybersecurity Recruitment Campaign
Keeping the US Dollar on Top as Cryptocurrency Rises
ISMG Editors' Panel: Solving the Ransomware Problem Together
Enterprise Backups Are Becoming Targets for Cybercriminals
N-Day Vulnerabilities: The Critical Importance of Patching
WordPress Plug-In Bugs Put 1 Million-Plus Sites At Risk
Countries Team Up to Issue Video Teleconference Guidance
Healthcare System Phishing Breach Affects 209,000
The State of the Phish: A Look at User Awareness, Vulnerability and Resilience
Federal CISO DeRusha Named Deputy National Cyber Director
Multinational Police Force Arrests 12 Suspected Hackers
India’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Awaiting Approval
Celebrities' Data Dumped on Darknet Site After Hack
Ransomware Evolves: Affiliates Set to Wield Greater Power
Trojan Source: Invisible Vulnerabilities in Most Code
Reduce Security Risk of Healthcare Legacy Systems, Devices
CISA Begins Program to Identify Critical Infrastructure
New Cybersecurity Norms for Wireless Device Makers in EU
California Clinic Network Cyber Incident Affects 656,000
US Treasury Department Says Stablecoins Must Be Regulated
7 Trends: How Ransomware Operations Continue to Evolve
Facebook Shuts Down Facial Recognition Feature
Profiles in Leadership: Tarek El-Sherif
CISA Directs Federal Agencies to Patch Known Vulnerabilities
Ransomware Incidents Among Largest Breaches on Federal Tally
FBI Warns of Ransomware Actors Leveraging M&A Data
BlackMatter Claims to Shut Ops; Experts Suspect Rebranding
US Commerce Department Blacklists Israeli Spyware Firms
Feds Post $10 Million Reward for DarkSide Ransomware Actors
EDR to XDR: What It Means
ISMG Editors: CISA to Protect Critical Infrastructure
EHR Vendors' Disclosures Are Latest Security Risk Reminders
US DOJ: Continue to Expect Arrests, Ransom Payment Seizures
Digitizing and Securing Norway's Railway Network
Law Enforcement Operation Targets Clop Ransomware
NSA Reports: Espionage Group Breaches Critical Systems
Profiles in Leadership: Leon Ravenna
Secure the Changing Risk Landscape from BEC, Other Threats
REvil Ransomware Suspects Snared in Global Police Crackdown
Ransomware Actors May Have a New Broker on the Block
Black Shadow Group Leaks Israeli Patient Records, Data
Infrastructure Bill Features $1.9 Billion in Cyber Funding
Robinhood Reveals Data Breach and Extortion Shakedown
Hive Threat Group Attacks MediaMarktSaturn, Demands Ransom
Lab Owner Charged in $100 Million Healthcare Fraud Case
US Treasury Blacklists Cryptocurrency Exchange Chatex
Dridex Banking Malware Turns Up in Mexico
Payment Card Fraud Trends in South Africa
Hackers Disrupt Canadian Healthcare and Steal Medical Data
Pegasus-Like Spyware Targets South Korean Citizens
Lyceum APT Group Adds ISPs to Its Target List
Breach Reporting Timelines: Tale of Two Hacking Incidents
SEC's Crenshaw: Transparency, Pseudonymity Top DeFi Issues
55 Patches, 6 Zero Days - Is There a Backlog at Microsoft?
Flaw Exposing Data of 44 Million Indian Investors Patched
Cybersecurity Leadership: Cut Through the Zero Trust Hype
UK Supreme Court Blocks $4.3B Class Action Against Google
NJ AG Smacks 2 Printing Firms with Hefty Fine in PHI Breach
Flaws Allow Unlimited Purchases on Apple, Samsung, Google
VP Kamala Harris: US Will Join 80-Nation Cybersecurity Pact
Firm Held Onto Palo Alto VPN Zero-Day for 11 Months
ISMG Editors: How Sustainable Is 'Work From Anywhere'?
NSO's Troubles Extend Beyond CEO-Designate Quitting
Pace of Cybercrime Evolution Is Accelerating, Europol Warns
Using Psychology to Increase Organizational Resiliency
CISA Warns About Siemens, Philips Medical Device Flaws
US Department of Defense to Launch Zero Trust Office
Zoom Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities
Misconfigured FBI Email System Abused to Run Hoax Campaign
Mac Zero-Day Alert: Watering Hole Attacks in the Wild
Russian National Charged With Laundering Ryuk Ransoms
US, Israel Expand Cyber Partnership, Announce Task Force
Researchers Spot Comeback of the Emotet Botnet
Modern Threat Detection and Response: The Challenge
Modern Threat Detection and Response: The New Advantage
India Announces Project to Address Mobile Privacy Concerns
Money Laundering Cryptomixer Services Market to Criminals
Exploring Top Use Cases for Network Detection and Response
Data of 5.9M RedDoorz Customers Leaked in Breach
EU Report Calls for More Health-Specific Incident Response
US DHS Launches New System for Hiring, Retaining Cyber Talent
Ingredients of a Modern SOC
MosesStaff Attacks Israeli Government, Other Organizations
Profiles in Leadership: TJ Hart
Intel Fixes 2 High-Severity Vulnerabilities
Exfiltration Breach, Ransomware Attack Affect 800,000
CISA Leader: 'We've Not Seen a Change' in Ransomware Attacks
How Behavioral Biometrics Can Tackle AML Fraud
Ransomware, Response Dominate Irish Cybercrime Conference
SharkBot Trojan Targets Bank and Cryptocurrency Credentials
US, UK, Australia Issue Alert on Iranian APT Groups
Ohio Hospital Still Struggling One Week After Cyberattack
CISA Issues Incident and Vulnerability Response Playbooks
Implementing an IAM Framework for a Hybrid Workforce
Ransomware Attackers: 'No Days Off!'
ISMG Editors: Cyberspace Solarium Commission Updates
2 Iranians Charged With 2020 US Election Interference
'The Shared Responsibility That Cyberspace Is'
Malicious Cyberattacks in New Zealand Double in a Year
North Korean APT Group Steps Up Espionage Ops in 2021
Philips, CISA Warn of Medical Device Product Security Flaws
Regulators: Banks Have 36 Hours to Report Cyber Incidents
Youth in $37 Million Crypto Heist; BitConnect Ponzi Payout
Cyber Attacks: The 2022 Predictions
Profiles in Leadership: Steven Sim Kok Leong
Hackers Abusing Glitch Platform to Steal Credentials
Utah Imaging Associates Notify Nearly 584,000 of PHI Hack
More Than Half of Indian Loan Apps Illegal, RBI Panel Finds
NHS Denies Data Was Exposed in Stor-a-File Hack
Report: DeFi Fraud, Theft Exceeds $10 Billion in 2021
Data Analytics to Tackle Insider Fraud
Update: GoDaddy Breach Hits Managed WordPress Customers
Cisco Firewall Vulnerabilities Enable Denial of Service
US Cybersecurity Alert: Hackers Won't Respect Thanksgiving
COVID and the Holidays: What You Need to Know
Report: China to Target Encrypted Data as Quantum Advances
Synthetic ID Fraud: What to Look Forward to in 2022
CERT-In Warns of 4 High-Risk Flaws in Moodle
Apple Sues NSO for Product and Service Abuse
Cryptocrimes Proliferate: Ransomware, New Threat Campaigns
Ransomware: How to Win the Battle
Insider Threat Management: The New Personae and Risks
Financial Agencies Eye Existing Laws for Crypto Regulation
Profiles in Leadership: Jason Fruge
Improving Identity Management for Zero Trust Architecture
Ransomware: Best Practices for Negotiating a Ransom Payment
UK Legislation Seeks Mandatory Security Standards for IoT
Ukraine's Secret Service Busts 5 Alleged 'Phoenix' Hackers
Analytics Based Investigation and Automated Response with AWS + Splunk Security Solutions
The State of Security 2021
How To Build an Effective Zero Trust Security Model
Enhance your Security Detections with Machine Learning
Battling the Cloud Complexity Challenges
Medical Data Exposed in Breach at True Health New Mexico
Securing Your Hybrid Workforce Using a SASE Approach
Hackers Exploit MS Browser Engine Flaw Where Unpatched
The Best Gift for the Holidays? An Incident Response Plan
Denmark CFCS Issues Advisory on Incident Logging
Report: Israel Cuts Cyber Export List to 37 Countries
Making the Case for Centralized IAM Management Control
Pakistan's National Database Biometric Data Compromised
Darknet Markets Advertise Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
Sneaky New Magecart Malware Hides in Cron Jobs
Senate Considering Several Cyber Measures in Annual NDAA
Pfizer Alleges Worker Took COVID Vaccine, Trade Secrets
Forrester Predictions: Rethinking Supply Chain Management
Report: No Patch for Microsoft Privilege Escalation Zero-Day
Why Today's Security Rhetoric Is Harmful and Must Change
Japanese Electronics Giant Panasonic Discloses Data Breach
FDA Playbook Aims to Bolster Medical Device Threat Modeling
DNA Test Firm: 2.1 Million Affected by Legacy Database Hack
Banish Sequential Numbering: How to Combat 'BIN Attacks'
How to Make IT-OT Convergence Smooth
FBI Seizes Bitcoins From Alleged REvil Ransomware Affiliate
Hackers Abuse Remote Access Tools to Steal Crypto Data
Using Behavioral Biometrics to Secure Against Digital Fraud
Report: Aberebot-2.0 Hits Banking Apps and Crypto Wallets
Recently Discovered 'EwDoor' Botnet Targets US AT&T Devices
HHS Slaps 5 More Entities in HIPAA 'Right of Access' Disputes
Multifaceted Extortion Rising in Southeast Asia in 2022
Overcoming the Hesitancy to Move to the Cloud
Executive Protection: What Will You Say When Asked?
Report: APTs Adopting New Phishing Methods to Drop Payload
ISMG Editors: Are We Close to Cracking Cybercrime Ecosystem?
Planned Parenthood LA Data Exfiltrated, 400,000 Affected
Cyber Officials Outline Critical Infrastructure Protections
Ingredients of a Good Insider Risk Program
Incident Response: Best Practices in the Age of Ransomware
Ransomware Operations Double Down on Data Leak Sites
Arrest Points to Ubiquiti Breach Being an Inside Job
Going Inside the Mind of an Ethical Hacker
Bridging Workforce Gap with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Deepfakes, Voice Impersonators Used in Vishing-as-a-Service
BIO-ISAC: Beware of Tardigrade Attacks on Biomanufacturers
Microsoft Teams’ New Feature Sparks Security Concerns
TSA Issues New Cybersecurity Requirements for Rail Sector
Researcher: Healthcare Staffing Database Exposed Worker PII
Report: NSO Group Spyware Found on State Department Phones
Alert: 'Cuba' Ransomware Slams Critical Sector Organizations
What's New in Splunk Enterprise Security?
Missouri Governor's Hack Accusation Loses Steam
Cloud Security: The Real New Normal
Profiles in Leadership: Anahi Santiago
Mandiant: SolarWinds Attackers Continue to Innovate
Medical Workers Plead Guilty to PHI Access-Related Crimes
Kafdrop Flaw Puts Data of 'Major Global Players' at Risk
Nearly $200 Million Stolen in BitMart Crypto Exchange Hack
Profiles in Leadership: Albert Yirenchi Danquah
Microsoft Gets Court Order to Disrupt Chinese Cyber Ops
Attack Wipes 25 Years' Worth of Data From Local Electric Co.
Maryland Health Dept. Systems Still Affected by Incident
ISMG's King Appointed to Forbes Technology Council
Hacking the US Government - Legally
How to Tackle Problems of Application Fraud
Varsha Sewlal on Data Protection Framework Compliance
Canada Busts Suspect Tied to 'Multiple Ransomware Attacks'
National Cybersecurity and the Broader Threat Spectrum
Nordic Choice Hotels, SPAR Stores Are Latest Attack Victims
Profiles in Leadership: Marco Túlio
Google TAG Disrupts Blockchain-Enabled Botnet
Cyber Incident Reporting Mandate Excluded From Final NDAA
HHS Launches Repository for Health Sector Cybersecurity Help
Report: SideCopy APT Used New Tactics in Recent Attacks
Grafana Releases Emergency Patch for Zero-Day Flaw
SonicWall SMA 100 Series Users Urged to Apply Latest Fix
Emotet Tactic May Presage More Rapid Ransomware Infections
What Motivates a Cyber Threat Actor?
Ransomware, Other Big Incidents Added to Breach Tally
UK High Court Reverses Extradition Ruling on Julian Assange
The State of Cyber Resilience: Faster Response Required
Australian Government Staff Data Leaked in 3rd-Party Breach
Hellman Worldwide Logistics: Operations Disrupted by Attack
New Mirai-Based Campaign Targets Unpatched TP-Link Router
ISMG Editors: Can We Finally Get Rid of the Password?
Severe Apache Log4j Vulnerability Threatens Enterprise Apps
Report Dissects Conti Ransomware Attack on Ireland's HSE
Critical Drive-By RCE Vulnerability Found in Windows 10
Log4j: 'Vaccine' Released for Exploited Apache Zero-Day
Massive Attack Targets 1.6 Million WordPress Sites
Serious Log4j Security Flaw: Race Underway to Discern Scope
The Road to Log Management Maturity
Profiles in Leadership: Chris Roberts
Russian Who Aided Kelihos Botnet Receives 4-Year Sentence
Indian PM Modi's Twitter Account Compromised - Again
US, Allies to Tighten Export Controls on Cyber Tools
COVID-19: How Does Omicron Change the Discussion?
Already Compromised by Apache Log4j? Check Before You Patch
CISA: Authentication Flaw in Certain Hillrom Cardio Products
HR Platform UKG Says Cloud Solutions Hit With Ransomware
Exploiting Log4j: 40% of Corporate Networks Targeted So Far
Botnets Attack Known Vulnerabilities in Unpatched Systems
TinyNuke Banking Trojan Resurfaces, Attacks French Entities
Ransomware Roundup: Healthcare Sector's Latest Victims
CISO Playbook: Dawn Cappelli on Mitigating Log4j Zero-Day
Virginia's Legislative Branch Hit With Ransomware Attack
Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative: The Road Map for 2022
Attackers Exploiting Apache Log4j: 'Everyone Is a Target'
Superior Plus is Latest Fuel Supplier Hit by Ransomware
How to Patch Log4j Now That Version 2.16 Has Been Released
Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day Spreading Malware
Study: Attacks Can Manipulate Medical Imaging, AI Outcomes
New UK Cyber Strategy Adopts Whole-of-Society Approach
Senate Passes $768 Billion NDAA With Cyber Provisions
White House Policy Gives Agencies 24 Hours to Report Attacks
Nation-State Attackers Wielding Log4j Against Targets
Iranian Threat Actor Uses Slack API to Target Asian Airline
NJ AG Fines Cancer Center in Two Related 2019 PHI Breaches
US DHS Announces New Bug Bounty Program to Safeguard Systems
Log4j Updates: Flaw Challenges Global Security Leaders
The Challenge of Open-Source Software Security
Insider Fraud: Leveraging Behavior Analytics and Data
Senators Urge Treasury Department to Address Crypto Brokers
Volvo Breach Highlights Need for Securing Auto R&D Data
Backdoor Discovered in US Federal Agency Network
ISMG Editors: Apache Log4j, Ransomware Updates
Log4j Flaw: Healthcare Sector Warned to Take Action
CISA to Agencies: Patch Log4j Vulnerability 'Immediately'
Apache Log4j: New Attack Vectors, Ransomware Seen
Time to Patch Log4j Again; Apache Releases 2.17 Fixing DoS
Identifying Social Engineering Fraud Trends
U-Turn on Penalties Under India’s Data Protection Bill
NATO's NCI Academy: Training Tomorrow's Cyber Leaders
As Ransomware Variants Shift, Incidents 'Still on the Rise'
Chinese APT Rebrands to Target Transportation Sector
500,000 Android Users Victimized by Malware-Infected App
Irish Hospital, Texas Practice Deal with Attack Aftermath
Treasury Official Urges Congress to Regulate Stablecoins
Oracle Deal to Buy Cerner: Privacy, Security Considerations
Log4j: Belgian Defense Ministry Reports It Was 'Paralyzed'
CISO Fireside Chat: OK to Click - Leveraging Technology to Keep Employees Safe
Combating Synthetic ID Fraud in 2022
UK Cyber Security Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities
The Need to Think Differently About Cybersecurity in 2022
Report: Clop Ransomware Actors Leak UK Police Data
Entities Dealing With Email Breach, IT Systems/Phone Outage
NSO Group's Sophisticated Spyware Connected to More Cases
Attack on Kronos Causes Sainsbury's Payroll System Outage
Securing Artificial Intelligence Products Against Cyberattacks
Active Directory Bugs Enable Windows Domain Takeover
'Hack DHS' Program Expanded to Include Log4j Bug Hunters
ISMG Editors: Privacy Special
Nation-States Exploiting Critical Flaw in Zoho UEM
Study: Flaw Allowed Faked Results in COVID-19 Home Tests
CISA, International Partners Advise All Orgs to Patch Log4j
Learn Your Organization's Weaknesses Before the Criminals Do
FDA, CISA Warn of Fresenius Kabi Infusion Pump Flaws
Data Governance: Designing the Right Strategy
Fraud Prevention Technologies: Where to Invest?
Former Uber CSO Faces New Charge for Alleged Breach Cover-Up
India Completes Cybercrime Reporting/Investigation System
Ransomware and the C-Suite: What Do Executives Want to Know?
4 Bugs Found in Microsoft Teams' Link Preview Feature
2 Hacking Incidents Collectively Hit PHI of Nearly 750,000
Flaws in WordPress Plug-In Put 3 Million Websites at Risk
Case Study: The Road to Zero Trust
Feds Recover $154 Million Allegedly Stolen by Sony Insider
Profiles in Leadership: Dennis Leber
Profiles in Leadership: Santosh Kamane
Cyber Activity Surges as Russia Masses on Ukraine's Border
French IT Services Firm Hit by Ransomware Attack
Cybersecurity Is a Data Problem: How Are You Preparing for It?
Unified Cyber Task Force Is 'Step in Right Direction'
Phishers Attempt to Steal 2FA Code of CoinSpot Users
Shutterfly Acknowledges Hit by Ransomware Attack
Azure App Service's Flaw Exposed Source Code for 4 Years
2 Vulnerabilities Discovered in Apache HTTP Server
Rook Uses Babuk's Leaked Code in Kazakh Bank Attacks
GOP Senator to Introduce 'Comprehensive' Crypto Regs Bill
Zero Trust: John Kindervag's 2022 Outlook and Predictions
Biden Signs Into Law NDAA With Several Cyber Provisions
Apache's Log4j Version 2.17.1 Addresses New Flaw
Schneider Electric Patches 7 Bugs in EVlink Products
Privacy Predictions for 2022: Laws, Flaws and Enforcement
LastPass: No User Accounts Have Been Compromised
Crypto Platform Suffers Log4j-Related Ransomware Attack
ISMG's Greatest Hits: Top Cybersecurity Stories of 2021
Ransomware Attack Forces Norway Newspaper to Shut Presses
ISMG Editors: 'Year in Review' Special
Cyber Regulation: Predictions for 2022
Polygon Bug Put $23 Billion in Cryptocurrency at Risk
Vice Society: Ransomware Gang Disrupted Spar Stores
CISA, Vendors Refine Scanners for Log4j Vulnerabilities
T-Mobile: Some Customers Affected by SIM Swap Data Breach
Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Challenge: Curbing Illicit Use
PulseTV: Over 200,000 Credit Card Details Compromised
Indian Medical Association's Twitter Account Compromised
Israel Tracks, Seizes Cryptocurrency From Hamas-Linked Firm
Hospital System: Data Exfiltration Breach Hits 1.3 Million
Report: China Mining Western Social Media for Intelligence
Using CASB to Establish User Access, Control of Critical Assets
Microsoft Exchange Fixes Disruptive 'Y2K22' Bug
Profiles in Leadership: Nilesh Roy
Clinic Notifies 212,500 About 2020 Breach Involving Fraud
Microsoft: Log4j Exploit Attempts, Testing Remain Rampant
Morgan Stanley Agrees to $60 Million Breach Settlement
Where Are You in Your Zero Trust Journey?
ZLoader Malware Exploits Microsoft Signature Verification
Portugal's Major News Websites Remain Offline After Attacks
Tech Vendor Email Breach Affects Dozens of Health Entities
FTC Threatens Action Against Orgs Failing to Mitigate Log4j
New York Warns Credential Stuffing Hit 1 Million Accounts
Senators Seek Clarity on DHS, DOT Cybersecurity Efforts
Endpoint Least Privilege: A Foundational Security Control
CISO Playbook: Log4j Response - What We Did, What We Learned
Google Buys Siemplify to Bolster Security Analytics Tools
Formjacking Campaign Leverages Cloud Video Platform
EHR Vendor Breach Lawsuit Seeks Security Improvements
New Mexico County Hit by Suspected Ransomware Attack
Suspected Cryptocurrency 'Rug Pull' Nets Actors $10 Million
Online Pharmacy Says Its AWS Portal Was Hacked
Preventing Insider Threat Incidents - What You Need to Know - Featuring Forrester Research
Get Hands-On with Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response
CISO Playbook: Log4j Response - Hard Work, Lasting Lessons
Google, Facebook Fined by French Data Protection Agency
ISMG Editors: Secrets and Lies of Ransomware Operators
Russian Denied Bail in Insider Trading Hacking Case
California Man Pleads Guilty to $50 Million Internet Fraud
Focusing on Risk Mitigation in 2022
Balancing Employee Privacy and Security for Remote Workers
Fertility Clinic Hacking Incident Affected Nearly 80,000
Researchers Discover H2 Database Flaw Similar to Log4Shell
Norton 360 Offering Contains Controversial Cryptominer
Log4j: Sen. Peters Revisits Incident Reporting Legislation
Hackers Exploiting Flaws in Google Docs' Comments Feature
Profiles in Leadership: Shaik J. Ahmed
How China's Algorithm Regulation Affects Businesses
QNAP Tells Users to Take Immediate Action to Stop Ransomware
FIN7 Targets US Enterprises Via BadUSB
Europol Ordered to Delete Data Not Tied to Investigations
CISA: Federal Response to Log4j Has Been 'Exceptional'
HHS Warns Healthcare Sector of Pysa Ransomware Threats
Profiles in Leadership: Robert Hellwig
Lapsus$ Attacks Localiza, Redirects Users to Porn Site
Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Disrupts 3D Printers
Cybersecurity Experts Push for Sweeping FISMA Changes
Vendor: Data Breach Involved Security Product Vulnerability
US Warns of Russia-Backed Threat to Critical Infrastructure
Researcher Says Flaw Allows Remote Access to Teslas
How to Make Your Incident Response Playbook More Effective
Night Sky Ransomware Distributed via Log4j Exploits
Researchers Identify New Way to Detect IoT Device Malware
Microsoft Patch Tuesday: An 'Unusually Large' Patch Release
Russian APTs: Why Stakes Are So High for Healthcare Sector
Report: DeFi Undermined by Centralization, Code Flaws
Proofpoint Acquires AI-Based Data Protection Startup Dathena
Ukraine Police Bust Ransomware Suspects Tied to 50 Attacks
Maryland Health Department Confirms Attack Was Ransomware
White House Hosts Open-Source Security Summit With Big Tech
North Korean APTs Target Cryptocurrency Startups
Ukrainian Websites Defaced as Tensions With Russia Continue
18 Firefox 96 Security Fixes Include High-Risk Issues
Russia Arrests 14 Suspected REvil Ransomware Group Members
ISMG Editors: Is 2022 the Year of the SBOM?
North Korean Crypto Theft Totals $400 Million in 2021
Clinic Breach Affecting 200,000 Tied to Vendor's 2020 Attack
FCC Proposes Stricter Telecom Breach Notification Measures
OCC Chief Calls for Collaboration in Crypto Regulations
Accellion Agrees to $8.1 Million Breach Settlement
A Structured Response to the Log4j Vulnerability
Identity Market Likely to Consolidate in 2022
Top Scam-Fighting Tactics for Financial Services Firms
Russia Charges 8 REvil Ransomware Suspects After Raids
Apple Safari Browser Bug Can Leak Browsing Activity
Enom's Data Center Migration Leaves Customers ‘Trapped’
Destructive Malware Discovered Targeting Ukrainian Systems
Doxbin Leak Includes Criminals' Data, Could Boost Hacking
Record Number of Major Health Data Breaches in 2021
GAO: SolarWinds, Exchange Hacks Reveal Info-Sharing Gaps
JPMorgan Chase Invests $12 Billion in Security Updates
Indian Fashion Retailer Data Leaked on Darknet Marketplace
Privacy Fines: GDPR Sanctions in 2021 Exceeded $1 Billion
How the 'Great Resignation' Is Affecting Cybersecurity
HHS Issues Trusted Health Data Exchange Governance Framework
EU's Cyber Rapid Response Team on Standby for Ukraine
New Chinese Threat Group Deals in Espionage and Theft
NSO Group Spyware Reportedly Used by Israeli Police Force
European Authorities Seize VPN Service Tied to Ransomware
Update: OpenSubtitles Data Breach Affects 6.7 Million Users
Profiles in Leadership: Marcel Lehner
Log4Shell Update: VMware Horizon Targeted
2 Key Cybersecurity Lawmakers Will Not Seek Reelection
New FS-ISAC Program Boosts Supply Chain Security Dialogue
Biden Memo Orders Cybersecurity Improvements
Update: 'This Was a Targeted Attack,' Says Red Cross
UK Issues Fresh Proposals to Tackle Cyberthreats
OnDemand Webinar | How YOUR Data Can Drive Cloud Security Success at Scale
Teardown: Fake Ransomware Targeting Ukrainian Government
Israeli Officials Deny Claims of Improper Spyware Use
HHS HC3: Healthcare Sector Remains at Risk for Log4j Attacks Confirms Breach, Nearly $34 Million in Losses
Wiper Malware in Ukraine Ties to Summer 2021 Intrusions
3 Weeks, 6 Bugs: Experts Analyze, Advise on WordPress Flaws
From the Trenches: Remediating Widespread Apache Log4j Flaw
ISMG Editors: Will Ransomware Kill Cyber Insurance?
EU Plans to Build Its Own DNS Infrastructure
Federal Authorities, Patient Safety Experts Warn of Risks
US Federal Reserve Issues Report on Digital Dollar
Twitter: Head of Security Reportedly Fired; CISO to Leave
Multi-Cloud Environments: Securing Greater Visibility
Suspected REvil Ransomware Spinoff 'Ransom Cartel' Debuts
FBI Warns of Cybercriminals Using QR Codes to Steal Funds
NY Fines Vision Benefits Firm $600,000 for 2020 Breach
Microsoft Finds SolarWinds Vulnerability Amid Log4j Search
Report: DHS Fears Russian Cyberattack If US Acts on Ukraine
Dark Souls 3 Video Game Reportedly Has Exploitable Flaw
How Do You Detect - and Stop - Bank Identity Number Attacks?
'Email Security Doesn't Get the Attention It Deserves'
Drug Testing Lab Portal Incident Exposed Data for 4 Years
US, NATO Discuss Ukrainian Cyber Aid Amid Tensions
Hacktivists Hit Belarusian Railroad to Stop Russian Troops
Ransomware Trends: Volume of Known Victims Remains Steady
New WordPress Vulnerability Affects AdSanity Plug-in
New Strategy Funds UK Public Services' Cyber Resilience
US OMB Releases Zero Trust Strategy for Federal Agencies
Proposed Settlement Calls for Health Plan to Bolster Security
Kentucky Hospital Still Struggles One Week After Cyberattack
Spotting Cybersecurity Gaps, Becoming More Systems-Focused
SEC Chair Seeks to 'Modernize' Cybersecurity Regulations
Report: Access Broker Exploiting VMware Log4j Vulnerability
ITRC: Identity Crime Predictions for 2022
Microsoft Mitigates 'Largest Known DDoS Attack'
Battling Bugs: UK Government Pitches 'Scanning Made Easy'
Lawsuit: 'Negligence' Led to Memorial Health System Attack
CISA, EPA Issue 100-Day Cyber Plan for Water Utilities
Crypto Advocates Decry Bill That Could Ban Transactions
Increase in Ransomware in 2022 Will Kill Cyber Insurance
How Refund Fraud Changed the Cybercrime Landscape
Cyberattack Spillover From Ukraine: Be Prepared, UK Warns
Flaw in Polkit's pkexec Puts Linux Users at Risk
ISMG Editors: Tough Lessons Learned From Log4j, Ransomware
New macOS Malware Planted via Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Radio
Darknet Market Search Engine Operator Gets 8-Year Sentence
FCC Votes to Ban China Unicom From Operating in US
New Ransomware Deadbolt Targets QNAP Devices
Log4j Exploitations Have Slowed, But Attack Vectors Remain
DeFi Platform Qubit Finance Hacked for $80 Million
FBI Reportedly Considered Buying NSO Spyware
Dark Overlord Collaborator Sentenced to Three Years
Need for Hyperautomation to Implement Cybersecurity Controls
Trellix CEO Details Extended Detection and Response Moves
Lazarus Using Windows Update, GitHub to Deploy Malware
HHS HC3: BlackMatter Threat to Health Sector 'Reduced'
Report Details Russian Cyberespionage Efforts in Ukraine
Rust-Coded Malware Key Factor in BlackCat's Meteoric Rise
ITRC Data Breach Report Shows Surge in Data Compromises
EU Proposes a Joint Cyber Incident Coordination Framework
US Sends Top Cyber Official to Europe Amid Ukraine Crisis
Congressman Moves to Amend Controversial Crypto Measure
How Data Analytics Helps Fight Financial Crime
Russia's Escalation in Ukraine Sounds Cyber Defense Alarms
New EU Laws: An Opportunity for Threat Actors?
Log4j Puts Vulnerable Ubiquiti Network Applications at Risk
Greek DPA Imposes Fines on Telcos for GDPR Violations
The Business Value and Benefits of Vulnerability and Asset Management, featuring Forrester
House Committee Advances FISMA Modernization Act
DOJ: Healthcare at Center of Biggest US Fraud Cases in 2021
How to Maximize Security Through Simplicity
State of the Internet/Security Report: API: The Attack Surface That Connects Us All
DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World
The Evolution of Bots
Perfis em Liderança: Allan Müller Buscarino
Wormhole Blockchain Bridge Exploited for Over $300 Million
India’s Annual Budget Calls for 30% Tax on Cryptocurrency
Buying Bot-Stolen Logs: Marketplaces Make It '2easy'
US DHS Establishes Cyber Safety Review Board
Politically Themed Lures Target Palestinians
Pfizer: 2 Ex-Executives Stole Drug IP to Help Their Startups
UK-Based KP Snacks Hit by Ransomware in 'Snack Attack'
Enhancing the Cyber Resilience of Critical Infrastructure
M&A Roundup: Delinea Debuts, Forescout & Check Point Expand
Profiles in Leadership: Bradley Schaufenbuel
Profiles in Leadership: Cara Coleman
Profiles in Leadership: Jerich Beason
Eset Fixes Privilege Escalation Bug Affecting Windows Users
Cybercrime: Darknet Markets Live on, Even as Players Change
ISMG Editors: How Russian Cyber War Could Have Ripple Effect
Increasing Adoption of Phishing Kits Puts MFA at Risk
News Corp Targeted in 'Persistent Nation-State Attack'
Court Recommends Dismissal of Practicefirst Breach Lawsuit
US Lawmakers Introduce Algorithmic Accountability Act
Cyberattack Cripples European Oil Port Terminals
US Indicts 6 India Call Centers for Scams Targeting Seniors
$4.4 Million Stolen From Crypto Firm: Multi-Bridge Exploited
Threat Actors Target Indian Army Personnel Via Fake Apps
Ransomware Attack on Swissport Is Contained, Company Says
Meet the 'Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse'
Update: Washington Licensing Agency Investigates Suspected Breach
House Passes COMPETES Act With Substantial Tech Funding
Hospital, Health Department Still Recovering From Attacks
Israeli Officials Investigate Police's Alleged Spyware Use
School District CISO Quits Over Handling of Data Breach
How Fraudsters Changed Their Synthetic Fraud Tactics
Privacy and Security - The Journey From Policy to Controls
SecurityScorecard and LIFARS CEOs Discuss New Merger
Update: Amid IRS' Pullback, Offers Alternative Solution
Chinese APT Targeting German Enterprises
Security Experts Discuss Log4j Mitigation Before US Senate
Feds Seize $3.6 Billion in Allegedly Stolen Cryptocurrency
Vodafone Portugal: Restoration in Progress Post-Cyberattack
Equifax Agrees to $425 Million Breach Settlement
Patch Tuesday: 51 MS Flaws Fixed - Important, Not Critical
HHS Warns Health Sector About LockBit 2.0 Threats - Again
Report: European Central Bank Warns Against Russian Hacking
Profiles in Leadership: Marene Allison
Sri Lanka to Use India-Developed Digital Identity Framework
CERTs Urge Patching of Google Chrome, Android Flaws
Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Installers Add RedLine Malware
Massive Breach Hits 500 E-Commerce Sites
US SEC Proposes 48-Hour Incident Reporting Requirement
US Lawmakers Continue Push for Stablecoin Regulations
Improving Cybersecurity Defenses for Schools
Why It Was Important for IRS to Remove Facial Recognition
Cyber Agencies Warn: Ransomware Attacks Are Worse Than Ever
Spanish Police Arrest 8 Over SIM Swapping Fraud
Sound Off: What Does the OMB Zero Trust Strategy Get Right?
ISMG Editors: Has Ransomware Group BlackMatter Rebooted?
How to Translate Business Challenges Into Tech Solutions
Data of 7 Million People Exposed Via US Marketing Platform
Bill Proposes Panel to Study Health Data Privacy Law Gaps
Senators: CIA Surveillance Program Involved Citizens' Data
Data Breach Exposes Booking Details of 19 Million Customers
Russia Shutters 3 Carding Markets, Including Trump's Dumps
Why Ransomware Groups Such as BlackCat Are Turning to Rust
BlackByte Ransomware Hits San Francisco 49ers' IT Systems
Cyberattack Affects Operations at Slovenian TV Channel
The Security Implications of Coinbase's Super Bowl Ad
CISA Warns Orgs to Prep for Potential Russian Cyberattacks
CaptureRx, Inmediata Breaches: Proposed Settlements Reached
BlockFi to Pay SEC, State Regulators $100M in Penalties
Data Analytics: How to Move Toward Greater Innovation
How Secure Access Service Edge Can Solve CISOs' Problems
Data Leak at Hong Kong's Harbour Plaza Hotel Affects 1.2M
Crypto Exchange KLAYswap Loses $1.9M After BGP Hijack
9 Ransomware Trends: More Leaks, Higher Ransom Payments
Report: Cyberattack Hits Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Banks
How the World's Largest Law Firm Reimagined Data Protection
Reports: GiveSendGo Breach Involves Freedom Convoy Donors
Unpatched Zoho Bug Exploited in Red Cross Attack
Threat Actor Adds New Marlin Backdoor to Its Arsenal
The Emerging Risks of 'Shadow Data'
The Curious Case of the Fake Ukrainian Ransomware Attack
Cloud Data Security - Why Now?
Inside Look at an Ugly Alleged Insider Data Breach Dispute
Agencies Say Russian Hackers Targeting Defense Contractors
CyberEd Board Profiles in Leadership: Elrich Engel
EU Privacy Watchdog Calls for Ban of NSO Group's Spyware
ACFE: Budget Constraints Stand in the Way of Data Analytics
Analyzing the Popularity of Malware-Free Cyberattacks
Aviation Attacks Tied To Single APT - TA2541
Experts Outline Chinese Cyberwarfare Tactics, Motivations
2 Vendor Hacking Incidents Affect Over 600,000 Individuals
Business Email Compromise: Trends and Predictions
Massive Bot Attack Generates 400 Million Requests in 4 Days
ISMG Editors: Ransomware Trends - The Bad and the Ugly
Cisco's Email Security Appliances at Risk of DoS Attacks
Data Breach Trends: Global Count of Known Victims Increases
HHS Warns of Threats to Electronic Health Records
First National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team Director Named
Intel Fixes High-Severity Vulnerabilities
AML: Staying the Course to Operational Resilience
How Chinese, Russian Threat Actors Changed Tactics in 2021
Cybersecurity Readiness Advised as Russian Threats Loom
Patched Adobe Commerce, Magento Last Week? Patch Again
Lawsuit Filed in Health Center Data Exfiltration Breach
The New Road Map to Cybersecurity Maturity
Zero Trust: It's All About Managing Access
Cybercrime Moves: Conti Ransomware Absorbs TrickBot Malware
Proof of Concept: Is the New Age of Cyber War Here?
As Russia Invades Ukraine, Cyber Escalation Threat Looms
Sound Off: A Post-Mortem on the Colonial Pipeline Attack
Russia Finalizes Draft of Digital Currency Laws
'Market-Nuking' Coinbase API Bug Halted New Trading Orders
Mac Coinminer Uses New Technique to Hide Its Traffic
EU Activates Cyber Rapid Response Team Amid Ukraine Crisis
Hacks Causing Most Big Health Data Breaches So Far in 2022
Cryptocurrency Wallets Targeted by Alien Malware Variant
Cyber Maturity and the Board: Delivering the Right Message
5 Held in Ukraine Over Phishing Scam With 70,000 Victims
Police Seize $22 Million From Online Safe and USB Sticks
Report: Ukrainian Government Prepared to Wipe Servers
Cyberattack Hits Ukrainian Government, Banking Websites
Why You Need Digital Trust to Enable Zero Trust
Cyber Maturity: New Look at Prioritizing, Quantifying Risk
Cybersecurity: Think Critically and See the Whole System
New Malware in Russia-Linked Sandworm's Portfolio
Update: Asustor - How to Eliminate Deadbolt From NAS Devices
Ransomware Attack: Ireland's Cleanup Costs Hit $48 Million
White House Denies Mulling Cyber Strikes on Russia
Russia-Ukraine War: Threats Facing the Healthcare Sector
Russia-Ukraine Updates: Cybersecurity News Amid Conflict
Profiles in Leadership: Mark Frogoso
Wiper Malware Attacks Have Not Escaped Ukrainian Networks
Sound Off: How Can Banks Prepare for Russia-Ukraine Crisis?
MuddyWater Targets Critical Infrastructure in Asia, Europe
ISMG Editors: Government Special
Healthcare Entity Reports Another Big Hacking Incident
Ukraine Reportedly Calls for Volunteer Cyberwarriors
Ukraine Invasion: What If US Strikes Back Against Russia?
SockDetour Backup Backdoor Targets US Defense Contractors
Belarusian Spear-Phishing Campaign Targets Ukraine Military
Chipmaker Nvidia Investigating Potential Cyberattack
Feds Advise 'Shields Up' as Russian Cyberattack Defense
Ukrainian Researcher Leaks Conti Ransomware Gang Data
Designing a Business-Aligned Cybersecurity Program
How to Better Secure IoT Devices and Tech
Update: Toyota to Resume Ops After Cyberattack Scare
Ukraine Assembles IT Army to Perform DDoS on Russia
Update: Cyber Hacktivists Target Belarus for Supporting Russia
Tougher Indian Data Protection Rules Expected This Year
Anonymous Extends Its Russian Cyberwar to State-Run Media
Synthetic ID Fraud: How a Toolkit Will Help Banks
How Lapsus$ Data Leak May Affect Nvidia and Its Customers
China-Linked APT Actors Deploying Stealthy Daxin Malware
US Officials Tracking Russian Cyberattack Escalation Risk
HHS OCR Outlines Top HIPAA Enforcement, Rule-Making Plans
Feds Warn Health Sector of Russia-Ukraine Conflict Threats
Business Email Compromise: Why It Works - and How to Prevent It
Ransomware & Cryptojacking: Predictions for Year Ahead
Personal Data of 120,000 Russian Soldiers Published Online
Insurance Broker Aon Discloses Cyberattack
US Senate Passes Incident Reporting, FISMA Update Bill
Mon Health Reports Breach Soon After Phishing Incident
Russia-Ukraine Cryptocurrency Scams Detected by Researchers
Conti Gang Members Fretted Over Putin's Ukraine Invasion
Security Gaps in Smart Infusion Pumps Risk Patient Data
Phishers Target European Nations Aiding Ukrainians
9 Essentials for Global CISOs During Russia's Ukraine War
How the Senate's Cyber Bill Could Affect Health Sector
US Senators Express Concern Over Russian Use of Crypto
How to Achieve Zero Trust in the Cloud
Nvidia Breach Exposes 71,000 Employee Credentials
Russia Lists 17,576 IPs Used in DDoS Attacks
US Officials Push Collaboration, AML Controls for Crypto
Template Aims to Help Add Cyber in Medical Device Contracts
ISMG Editors: Are Hacktivists the New Resistance Fighters?
Update: Samsung Confirms Source Code Stolen in Breach
Dayslong DDoS Attack With Embedded Ransom Note Mitigated
Ukraine Fighting First-Ever 'Hybrid War' - Cyber Official
White House Requests Billions in Tech Aid for Ukraine
Federal Report Offers Healthcare Cyberattack Trend Insights
'Dirty Pipe' Permission Flaw Patched in Linux Kernel
Perfis em Liderança: Claudio Benavente
How a Global Pandemic Changed the Fraud Landscape
Ransomware Groups Target Global Critical Infrastructure
Feds Warn of 7 Flaws Affecting Medical Devices, IoT Gear
Reports: White House Set to Issue Executive Order on Crypto
Vulnerability Management Program for Early Threat Detection
Google Plans to Buy Mandiant for $5.4 Billion
How Lapsus$ Uses Stolen Source Code to Disguise Malware
President Joe Biden Signs Executive Order on Cryptocurrency
2 Healthcare Hacking Incidents Affect 310,000 Patients
Former US Cyber Official Warns of Russian War Repercussions
Data Loss Prevention: Making It Relevant to Today's Attacks
Russia-Ukraine Crisis: What Is Microsoft Hearing From CISOs?
Cryptocurrency Executive Order: 'It's a Clarion Call'
Profiles in Leadership: Ts. Saiful Bakhtiar Osman
Proof of Concept: What's the Reality of Passwordless?
Internet Experts Propose Blocking Culpable Russian Sites
ISMG Editors: Cryptocurrency Special
US Nabs Alleged Ransomware Operators - One Tied to Kaseya
Sound Off: What's in OMB's Latest Cybersecurity Guidance?
Cybersecurity Picture Inside Russia Grows More Complicated
What's in the $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill for HHS Agencies?
Building Threat Intelligence Capabilities in Wartime
Profiles in Leadership: Sunder Krishnan
Why Identity and Access Management Is Weak in Healthcare
US Congress Passes Cyber Incident Reporting Mandate
Anonymous Reportedly Hacks Russian Censorship Agency
Iranian APT: New Methods to Target Turkey, Arabian Peninsula
Supply Chain Targeting: Trends and Predictions
Profiles in Leadership: Sujit Christy
Take Remote Access Enablement to the Next Level
Russia's War Further Complicates Cybercrime Ransom Payments
Ubisoft Reports 'Cyber Security Incident'
CHS Pays False Claims Act Settlement Involving EMR Security
Why a Zero Trust Approach in Healthcare Is Becoming Critical
Toyota Parts Supplier Denso Confirms Ransomware Attack
LockBit Ransomware Gang Reportedly to Leak Bridgestone Data
Top Cyber Officials Say Russians May Yet Escalate Cyberwar
DDoS Attack Downs Several Israeli Government Websites
Class Action Filed in Logan Health Breach Affecting 214,000
Threat of Russia-Ukraine 'Spillover' Attacks on Healthcare
Anonymous Reportedly Hacked Russian Energy Firm Rosneft
Senators Request Briefing on Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Sanctions Halt Rewards for Bug Hunters in Belarus, Russia
Upcoming Executive Order on ID Theft: Key Points to Consider
Profiles in Leadership: Harrison Nnaji, CISO FirstBank Nigeria
Russian Actors Exploit Known MFA Bug to Attack Organization
Impose Fine, Get Sued: A Day at the Irish DPC
Tennessee Pediatric Hospital Responding to Cyber Incident
Ukrainian Cyber Official Offers Update on 'IT Army'
Critical Steps: Applying Threat Modeling to Medical Devices
Cloud Workload Security: It's About Technology and Talent
UK Regulator Raises Concerns Over NortonLifeLock-Avast Deal
2 Critical Bugs, 1 High-Severity Bug Affect Veeam Products
How the Data Security-Privacy Nexus Affects Enterprises
COVID-19: Battling Changing Healthcare Cyberthreats
CafePress Data Breach: Owner Agrees to Feds' Settlement
Banking Committee Chair: Crypto Can 'Endanger Security'
Cyber Insurance: How to Be a More Attractive Client
2022 Proofpoint State of the Phish
Zero Trust Network Access: Key to Securing Hybrid Workforce
Inside SentinelOne's Bid for Defense Firm Attivo Networks
Russia May Have Caused Widespread Satellite Network Outage
ISMG Editors: Russia's War Changes Ransomware Landscape
Bank on Seeing More Targeted Attacks on Financial Services
HHS: Health Sector Should Prepare for Russia-Ukraine Threats
Russia Says It's Seen 'Unprecedented' Level of Cyberattacks
Google Exposes Initial Access Broker Ties to Ransomware
Securing Industry 4.0: Insights From New Research
How Has COVID-19 Changed CISO Approach to Data Security?
Profiles in Leadership: Leonard Ong, GE Healthcare
Ransomware Alert: AvosLocker Hits Critical Infrastructure
Sound Off: What Gaps Must ID Theft Executive Order Address?
NRA Finally Confirms Ransomware Attack From 2021
HubSpot Allegedly Hacked to Target Cryptocurrency Firms
What Is Log4j's Hidden Toll on Cybersecurity Readiness?
'Official Dentist' of NBA Team Says Hack Affected 1 Million
Illicit Crypto Activity Detected By US Treasury Department
Account Opening Fraud: Leveraging Device ID Authentication
Okta, Microsoft Confirm Breaches Connected to Lapsus$ Hack
RansomEXX Disrupts Scottish Association for Mental Health
European Union Officials Call for Stricter Cyber Rules
SIM Swap Fraud: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques
Ransomware Attack Disrupts Greek Postal Services
2 Latest Health Data Hacks Affect Over 200,000 Individuals
Reports: Russian IPs Scanning US Energy Firms, Others
Okta Says It 'Should Have Moved More Swiftly' Over Breach
Ukrainian IT Official: Russian Cyberattacks Have Continued
HHS OCR Tally Analysis: Breaches, Affected Individuals Surge
US Indicts Russian Behind Popular Carding Marketplace
UK Police Arrest 7 Allegedly Tied to Lapsus$ Hacking Group
Feds Charge 4 Russians With Long-Term Energy Sector Attacks
Increased Enterprise Use of iOS, Mac Means More Malware
ISMG Editors: Russia-Ukraine War Cyber Escalation Fallout?
US, EU Agree to a New Data-Sharing Framework
20-Year-Olds Charged in NFT 'Rug Pull' Scam Case
Malicious Crypto Apps Target Mobile Users, Mainly in China
Google Observes North Korean Attackers Exploiting Chrome
Estonian Ransomware Operator Gets 66-Month Sentence
FCC Adds Kaspersky, Chinese Telecoms to High-Risk Companies
Bill Touts CISA, HHS Teamwork to Aid Health Sector Security
President's Proposed Budget Prioritizes Cybersecurity
Okta Breach Timeline, Attack Method Analyzed
Leading Teams to Understand Creative and Critical Thinking
Using Russian Security Software? UK Says Risks Have Changed
Multinational Police Force Arrests 108 Suspected Scammers
Ukraine Experiences Internet Outage - and Russia May, Too
HHS OCR Issues 4 HIPAA Enforcement Actions
Update: Crypto Hackers Exploit Ronin Network for $615 Million
Implementing Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act
Cybercrime-as-a-Service: The High Cost of Digital Transformation on Fraud
Update: Globant Says System Accessed by Unauthorized Actor
A Look Inside Biden's Spending Proposals for HHS Agencies
Viasat Traces Outage to Exploit of VPN Misconfiguration
Sophos Patches Critical RCE Bug Exploited in the Wild
Partnership HealthPlan of California IT Systems Still Down
Understanding Human Behavior to Tackle ATO & Fraud
Hackers Target Russian Federal Air Transport Agency
Survey: State of Security Automation in Financial Services
State-Sponsored Actors Using Russia-Ukraine War for Phishing
SpringShell, Spring Cloud Function Bugs Need Urgent Patching
Breach Reports Show Diversity of Healthcare Cyber Targets
Viasat Confirms 'AcidRain' Malware Could Have Wiped Modems
ISMG Editors: Lessons to Learn From Okta's Breach Response
Profiles in Leadership: CIO Davanathan 'Devan' Naidoo
Profiles in Leadership: Karin Höne
PCI SSC Releases Data Security Standard Version 4.0
Lazarus Using Trojanized DeFi App to Deliver Malware
Cyberespionage Actor Deploying Malware Using Excel
Report: Health Insurance Exchange Suffered Dozens of Breaches
Exploring Kinetic Cyberwars, New TTPs Among Threat Actors
Hackers Target Wind Turbine Manufacturer Nordex
Lapsus$ Teens Out on Bail, Due Back in Court April 29
Targeted Mailchimp Breach Affects Trezor Crypto Customers
Germany Shutters Russian Darknet Marketplace Hydra
Bill Requires Medical Device Makers to Enhance Cybersecurity
New Mirai-Based Campaign Targets Unpatched TOTOLINK Routers
OT-IT Integration Raises Risk for Water Providers, Experts Say
Behind the Scenes of One of the Largest US Forfeiture Actions
Chinese APT Targets Global Firms in Monthslong Attack
How Identity Fraud Affects Financial Institutions
US Sanctions Darknet Market Hydra, Crypto Exchange Garantex
Tufin to Be Bought by PE Firm Turn/River Capital for $570M
$960K NFT Scam Affects Nearly 1,200 Victims
Identity Vendor BeyondTrust Promotes Janine Seebeck to CEO
DOJ Disrupts Russia-Linked APT's Malware, 'Cyclops Blink'
Proof of Concept: Dealing With the Regulation 'Tsunami'
Cash App Warns 8.2 Million Customers of Insider Breach
FDA Document Details Cyber Expectations for Device Makers
CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Trend Micro Top EDR Forrester Wave
New Fraud on the Block Causes Bank Losses to Rise
Hamas-Linked APT Group Targets Israeli Officials
No Log4j, But Spring4Shell Exploitation Attempts Increase
Microsoft Seizes Russian Domains Targeting Ukraine
ISMG Editors: Building Cybersecurity Defenses in Wartime
Big Hacks: 5 Health Data Breaches Affect 1.2 Million
SEC Breach Disclosure Rule Makes CISOs Assess Damage Sooner
How to Maximize Application Intelligence
YouTube Scammers Made $1.6 Million in Fake Crypto Giveaway
Road Map to Cybersecurity Sophistication
Establishing User Authentication Using Blockchain
Card-Not-Present Fraud and Scams: What Concerns Banks?
Identity Firm SailPoint to Be Bought by Thoma Bravo: $6.9B
Patch Tuesday to End; Microsoft Announces Windows Autopatch
Update: What's BlackCat Ransomware Been Up to Recently?
HHS HC3: Beware of Lapsus$, Email Marketing-Related Threats
US Bank Regulator Weighs Stablecoin Risks and Benefits
Panasonic Breached Again; Conti Takes Responsibility
Russia-Linked Sandworm Attacks Ukrainian Energy Facility
Joint Law Enforcement Operation Dismantles RaidForums
Illinois Clinic Says Nearly 503,000 Affected in Email Breach
KKR Buys Barracuda from Thoma Bravo to Fuel XDR, SASE Growth
Ex-DHS Official Convicted in Software, Data Theft Scheme
Dutch Government Agencies Fined; 'Serious' GDPR Violations
Trends in ISACA's Global State of Cybersecurity 2022 Report
Strategies to Modernize Ransomware Response
Patch Tues: Microsoft Releases Fixes for 145 Vulnerabilities
Report: Zero-Day Flaws Pose Attack Risks to Hospital Robots
New Cobalt CEO Chris Manton-Jones Pursues Enterprise Clients
African Bank Malware Campaign Shows Actor's Persistence
APTs Using New Tools to Target ICS/SCADA
Microsoft Disrupts ZLoader Botnet in Global Operation